November 30, 2022


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Uncontested divorce has 5 benefits

What Is Uncontested Divorce: Steps and Benefits

The divorce process is complex. Divorces that are uncontested are simpler. How do uncontested divorces benefit the parties? Is it possible to divorce without a court order? When you and your spouse agree on all the terms and sign all the required documents before filing for divorce, it is an uncontested divorce. The case is filed and the judge approves it. There are five reasons why you may want a divorce that is uncontested.

Faster Divorce with an Uncontested Divorce

A speedy process is one of the benefits of uncontested cases. Divorce is a lot faster when it’s uncontested than when it’s contested. It can take many months, if not years, for contested divorces to be finalised. Divorce shouldn’t take that long. A divorce without a dispute can be finalised within two months. Getting agreement from your spouse is the first step. It will take you and your spouse a few weeks to negotiate the terms. A lawyer will draft them and you’ll have to sign the paperwork after that.  The time can vary depending on how much you and your spouse have to discuss and how close you are to agreement when you begin the process.

Divorce is Easier in an Uncontested Divorce

A divorce that is uncontested is also easy to complete. There is a lot less to do in an uncontested divorce than there is in a contested divorce. It can be quite complex to deal with contested litigation. Motions may need to be filed and responded to by you and your attorney. Several court hearings may need to be attended (and prepared for). There is the dreaded discovery process where you have to turn over tons of records to the other side. It can be frustrating and overwhelming. With an uncontested divorce you can avoid all these steps. It is a simple process. There are two steps involved: reaching an agreement with your spouse and filing a lawsuit. There is no pain involved.

Uncontested divorces are less expensive

Uncontested divorces are more popular because they are less expensive. Controversial divorces are costly. It can be tens of thousands or even more of dollars, depending on how much conflict you have. Some cases may go into six figures. A lot of people simply cannot afford that many expenses. Consider whether you’d rather give a little more to your spouse or a lot more to your attorney if you and your spouse are having difficulty agreeing.

Divorces without a fight give you greater control

You also have more control with an uncontested divorce. You have more control over both the divorce process and the agreement itself. You will have more control over the details of any agreement you and your spouse can reach than if you go to court. If your divorce was contested or uncontested, the same is true. Each of you can tailor an agreement that works for you. Rather than leaving it up to a stranger to decide your future, you can make your own decision as to where you are willing to compromise and where you are not. You may feel powerless during a contested divorce. It is long, complicated, and expensive. This wasn’t what you had in mind. You can regain control over the divorce process by agreeing to an uncontested divorce.

Divorce without a fight is more peaceful

The uncontested divorce process is also much more amicable. It can be stressful and unpleasant to go through an antagonistic divorce. You can avoid negativity and hostility if you don’t want to. You can make the whole marriage experience more enjoyable if you can come to an agreement with your spouse. You can focus on the future and move on when you are friendly and respectful rather than dwelling on the past. You will need to compromise with your spouse to use the uncontested process. You may also be required to reach these compromises in a contested case-or let the judge decide. You can be more considerate of each other if you work together toward a shorter and less stressful process.