Strategic buyers agent sydney


Are you able to cover the following areas?

Sydney properties within 20 kilometers of the CBD are our specialty. This region has historically performed well when it comes to real estate investment, and its 189 suburbs offer a range of superb options for property investors.

Do you buy any specific types of properties?

Our Buyers agent Sydney specializes in residential properties for owners and investors alike. As part of our team, we also have a commercial property buyer’s agent who can assist with your business property requirements.

Approximately how long does it take to purchase a product?

Typically, your Sydney buyer agent will take between one and three months to find you a property once your finances are in order and we begin our search. 

This timeframe can, however, be affected by factors such as market conditions and the requirements of the client.


Your buyers agents in Sydney follow what process?

Starting with strategy is always the best approach. A licensed financial adviser also serves as an assistant to our buyers agents. Spending adequate time on your strategy is essential to ensuring that it will meet your long-term goals and objectives. Before committing to a plan, all of our property buyers should participate in one of our tailored strategy sessions – at no cost or obligation.

What is the best place to look for properties?

To help you identify the best suburbs to buy in, we use our proprietary investment tool, Area X-RayTM.

A comprehensive analysis of the 189 suburbs within 20 km of Sydney’s CBD is undertaken by Area X-RayTM. The suburbs are divided into three distinct zones that we call Red, Blue, and Green. Investing in Sydney property fails in Red areas, Blue areas are acceptable (but not preferred), and Green areas are your best choices.

Our area experts will advise you on which purchasing options are the best for your budget by utilizing our many years of experience as well as tools such as Area X-RayTM.

The properties we recommend

After you have begun your search, your buyers agent will inspect both properties on and off the market, as well as pre-market opportunities that meet your particular requirements. All properties that meet your brief will be inspected by your agents, and they will inform you of any property they feel is worth inspecting. Only the best properties will be recommended by your agent.

What we look for when evaluating properties

It’s true that “the devil is in the details” when it comes to selecting the right property. 

The standard approach of our buyers agents is to perform full due diligence on the subject property. In case pest/building/strata reports are necessary, we will make sure all aspects are reviewed and thoroughly investigated. 

In addition to completing a comparative market analysis, your agent will give you an opinion of the property’s value. A buyers agent who specializes in the specific area you are looking in will ensure you get the best deal.

Purchase and negotiation

Before moving forward, your buyer’s agent will make sure you are ready to buy the property. The buyer’s agent will assist and advise your solicitor/conveyancer regarding any proposed amendments to the contract once our due diligence process is complete. We are all highly trained, expert negotiators – we do this as part of our job. 

We will exchange on your behalf after we agree on a price. Additionally, should the property go up for auction, we will bid for you.


Our partnership doesn’t end with the purchase. In addition to attending the pre-settlement inspection, your buyer’s agent will continue to protect your interests during the final inspection.