November 29, 2022


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S3 backup pricing and everything you need to know about Clumio

Amazon S3 Clumio Protect is a great new feature which makes S3 backup even more efficient.  Clumio uses a variety of storage optimizations to ensure that data is backed up in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.Clumio Protect for Amazon S3 is a cost-effective solution for handling retention requirements because it does not necessitate versioning. Using the tools provided by Clumio, you can tell which parts of your personal information you wish to keep private and which parts you don’t, thereby reducing the cost of providing both types of information. 

Although production data storage in S3 is increasing, the service is also being used to keep a wide range of material that isn’t crucial to backup. In order to limit spending, it is crucial to backup only the data you truly need stored in S3.

Protect your S3 buckets from accidental deletions, overwrites, a

S3 backup pricing from clumio


Clumio offers one of the best cost visibility and open pricing structuresInstead of forcing consumers to pay for costly 4-node clusters or minimum commits, Clumio instead charges them based on the exact quantity of data that is encrypted, down to the byte.Clumio also delivers intelligent projections of expenditure, techniques to reduce cloud fees, and perspectives into hidden costs linked with data protection.

Methods for securing your S3 account from prying eyes

Harmful behaviors like insider threats and ransomware assaults are only two examples of the kinds of malicious activities that can lead to data loss in S3. Other causes include inadvertent deletions, misconfigured buckets, incorrect data lifecycle policies, and software-based damage. Mistakes made by users are one of several potential causes of data loss in S3.

The loss of critical information stored on S3 can cause serious problems, including the suspension of operations, noncompliance with regulations, and a decline in customer confidence.

Dependable safety for every size organization

Businesses with a sizable S3 environment, say more than tens of petabytes, sometimes run into scaling issues when it comes to their backup systems. This issue arises because backup tools are based on antiquated, hardware-specific designs.

To enable the separation and elastic scalability of cloud resources, Clumio was built with a serverless functions orchestration engine.In only a few minutes, using Clumio, customers can safeguard their whole cloud data estate.

Clumio microservices

Clumio microservices are integrated into the data backup process because of their ability to discover and catalog data sources as well as to read, minimize, encrypt, and transfer data in parallel threads. With auto-scaled indexing and verification, they guarantee a low RPO of 15 minutes, which is the lowest of any major provider.

To swiftly restore consumers to a fully functional state, Clumio employs serverless functions for scale-out rehydration and executes I/O operations in parallel across restoration blocks. When it comes to AWS workloads, Clumio often records the quickest RTO (recovery time objective) in the industry, allowing customers to resume operations in a matter of minutes.

Clumio enhancements

The quickest feasible recovery time was achieved by utilizing procedures that enhanced the efficiency of restoring buckets. While these enhancements help, restoring millions of objects may still take a long time; for this reason, Clumio provides a worldwide search and restoration option. You can do a search and a restore using any of the following criteria:

  • Prefixes
  • Sizes
  • Classes

In the case of a cloud outage or other catastrophic incident, Clumio can help you quickly retrieve specific objects and reduce your RTO, both of which will help you meet your business continuity objectives.