March 23, 2023


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Personal Development Plan Of An Entrepreneur

A human is created with everything it needs to survive the first 9 months of its life in the womb. Then parents take over and begin the teaching process of the tribe that the small human is born into. During this process, somehow all humans learn the fundamentals of bodily function – walking, moving, talking, grooming.

In other words, your personal development plan happened by default, without you having to think about it or do anything.

Later in life, however, you were exposed to all kinds of conflicting and contrasting influences from your friends, family and authority figures, such as school teachers and religious leaders. Your pure, unrestricted, unlimited mind was closed off with concepts of limitation, lack, and restriction. No wonder so many people are confused and lost out there.

Then, you went to work and were exposed again to another set of rules and restrictions in order to succeed as an employee.

Basically, your life has been guided by the society you’ve lived in, and for the most part, this society has determined your personal development.

As the fully functioning, and self-realised adult that you are, its time to take the control back and direct your own pathway of development. Its time to undo the conditioning of the society and realise that those restrictions and contradictions placed on you are purely illusions created as a form of control to keep you towing the line and to keep the system running the way it should be. Are you ready to step away from the tribe mentality and create your own destiny?

Ahh…destiny. We all have one. But again, the destiny concept is really just a trip of the mind. Ever noticed that you never actually reach your destiny or destination? Where you are right now was your destiny of yesterday. Tomorrow’s destiny is a result of your thoughts and actions of today. And so on. You’ll never arrive. So, for now, forget about your destiny and pretend for a moment that you’ve arrived at your destiny, today. Right here, right now.

Your point of attraction and power is in the here and now. You don’t need to do anything, except start to think and act like you’ve already arrived at the destination of your dream life. Easier said than done, I know, but you know it to be true don’t you?

So, what is the personal development plan of an entrepreneur?

“Personal Development refers to activities that enhance self-knowledge and identity, develop talents and potential, improve human capital and employability, enhance quality of life and realise dreams and aspirations.” -Wikipedia

It’s the realisation that you are in control. You always have been and always will be. You have the power to create anything your can conjure up in your unlimited and expanding mind. At any moment in time, no matter what you are feeling or thinking, you can consciously choose to think and feel something else.

So, the personal development plan for an entrepreneur is firstly to know where you are going. That is, having a clear vision of what you want to see in your external world, and what you want to feel in your internal world. Meditation is the key here. I’ve got many resources to assist you with this on my website.

Secondly, your role is to work everyday on creating experiences and thoughts that are in alignment with that vision. Yes, that’s right, you must create experiences that harmonise with your vision.

The plan that the Universe has given you is to simply be who you were born to be – an ever-expanding, ever-reaching, prosperous, loving, serving, and magnificent god-like being, who directs and controls his/her own life on the path of conscious choice.

You are that already. All the money, health, love, and happiness is right at your fingertips for you to use for the good of all, including yourself. Your ego-mind will trick you into thinking that you limited by these factors. Again, meditation will help to quieten this part of your mind so you can be free to create from unlimited potential.

That is how an entrepreneur develops themselves. And in the process of this development, and keeping your focus on creating value and serving others, you will create tremendous rewards in financial and material terms, for yourself and those around you, and you’ll be seen by others as “successful”.

For you, however, it’ll just be another day and another opportunity to harness this amazing creative power you have developed for yourself. So, your destiny, if there is such a thing, is whatever you want it to be. So expand your mind, expand your thoughts of what’s possible, expand your circles of influence.