Limitations of free WordPress hosting and how to avoid them

WordPress hosting is currently the most widely used hosting solution for businesses, and it is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet and holds 62.4% market share among all content management systems.

While WordPress Host offers many features, there are limitations to basic or free plans. If you require more from your website hosting, consider pro plans or other packages designed to meet your needs and requirements from the best Web Domain and Hosting services.

In this article, we will provide detailed information about the fastest WordPress Hosting‘s specific limitations that one might encounter while using free WordPress hosting.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is specialised Web Hosting explicitly designed for WordPress websites. It optimises the performance and functionality of WordPress sites by providing servers and resources tailored to their requirements. Users can opt for additional features like premium plugins to enhance the WordPress experience.

In 2022, an astonishing figure of 835 million WordPress websites existed.

Limitations of Free WordPress Hosting & How to Avoid Them

The following are the limitations of WordPress s hosting plans you might want to avoid coming across.

  • Limited Storage Space & Bandwidth

Free WordPress hosting packages have limitations on storage space, bandwidth, and individual file sizes. These restrictions can make it challenging to install plugins and additional features. Going beyond the allocated CPU and RAM limits may result in penalties or the need to upgrade to a higher-priced plan.

  • Inefficient Customer Support

Free hosting often lacks reliable and helpful customer support. With free hosting, unpaid customers are not the highest priority for technical support. Hosting providers have multiple servers and numerous customers to assist, which can delay the resolution of security issues or bugs.

  • Limitations on Domain Name

Many free WordPress hosting packages do not allow you to have your own domain name. Instead, you are restricted to using a subdomain like, which can negatively impact your website’s reputation, professionalism, and customer engagement.

  • Limited Time Availability

Free hosting services often have time limitations; after a certain period, you may be required to upgrade and pay. However, the costs of these upgrades can be significantly higher than standard WordPress hosting fees.

  • Outdated PHP Versions

Some free hosting providers use older PHP versions, which can cause website speed, WordPress compatibility, and security issues. Upgrading to the latest PHP version ensures better website performance, compatibility, and security.

  • Email Connectivity Issues

Free WP Hosting can result in unreliable email delivery and related issues, such as getting stuck or not being received. Opting for a paid hosting service ensures more reliable email hosting and avoids problems with spam folders or unreliable email services.


Australian WordPress Hosting is the widely used free hosting tool to create websites such as blogging, business, eCommerce, etc. WordPress has captured a major market share in the CMS industry — 35.94% market share among the top 100 thousand sites. However, in free website hosting plans, you might get only some of the required features, so to avoid resource constraints, opt for a comprehensive package that fulfils all your needs.