October 2, 2022


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How to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Products

How to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Products

Our advancement in the digital field has been prolific over the past few years. As such, many business owners and companies are gradually finding new ways to leverage digital platforms to their benefit; Instagram being one of them. This social media platform has proven to be a gold mine for emerging and existing businesses, its various features helping them promote their services and products more efficiently. One such feature is stories. 

Keep reading to know more about how you can use Instagram Stories to your benefit.

  1. Announcement. 

Due to the growing importance of digital platforms and their various benefits, we have come to live in a world crammed with information. As such, companies and businesses are compelled to be more innovative with their marketing strategies. Instagram stories thus prove to be effective and make sure that your promotional content keeps showing up on your followers’ feeds. Stories tend to be more effective than posts because the latest statistics reveal that stories have comparatively more views. Moreover, people spend more time scrolling through the explore sections, stories, and DM’s. 

  1. Polls

Adding Instagram polls to your promotional stories can prove helpful in creating active engagement. Through these polls you can gather resourceful data for your products and brand, further giving you an insight into your user’s mindset. 

  1. Questions

The best way to win the market is to offer knowledge. If your marketing strategies remain product-centric, you would be nothing but a sales machine to viewers. You can increase engagement by asking questions via Instagram stories. This is a great way to build a community and make your viewers feel connected. 

The following are a few examples of the kinds of questions one may ask, depending on the brand: 

  • Skincare brand: Tell us about your skin concerns and let the expert dermatologist help you. 
  • Interior decor brand: Ask us home decor-related questions and we will offer tips to make it a lively space. 
  • Foreign education institute: Tell us about your further plans and we will help find a suitable university for you. 
  • Clothing brand: Ask us styling questions. 

These questions open a room for possibilities. Moreover, your viewers trust you better when they see you interacting and helping them. 

  1. Live videos

Live videos are a great way to connect with a large audience digitally. You can use live videos in multiple ways; from product announcements to educational series, the possibilities with Instagram Live are endless. You can bring in an expert from the industry and help the audience clear their queries. Lastly, Instagram Live is a great way to launch your new product. 

  1. Contests

Contests are a great way to engage your viewers, especially by hosting giveaways and announcing attractive prizes. Through such strategies, you can gain more engagement without having to invest much. Bring an influencer on board to promote your brand. Use hashtags on stories to make your contests accessible to a wider audience. Use attractive templates or videos to announce these contests. You can use an Instagram video editor to create compelling stories in minutes. Ensure that whatever you post is attractive enough to capture the viewer’s attention. 

  1. Instagram Link

This brilliant feature directs viewers to the desired page by embedding a link. However, this feature is limited to businesses and professional pages with more than 10k followers. If you have this advantage, you can gain bountiful sales with this feature alone. With brilliant CTA’s and attractive graphics, you are sure to capture the public’s attention. 

  1. Story Templates

This is yet another smart way to engage your users. Well-created Story templates are a great marketing tool. Viewers can screenshot them and post them on their stories, eventually leading to your brand being better promoted. We suggest creating a signature theme for your brand. Stick to it for all your design. Eventually, it would result in brand recognition and recall. 

  1. Reaction sliders

You must have seen these across many Instagram stories. Reaction sliders are another way to gain engagement. They give you an insight into the user’s mind and allow you to strategize your offers accordingly. The more your viewers engage, the stronger your brand would get. 

  1. Highlights

Consider highlights as your digital portfolio. They give your viewers a quick insight into your brand’s offers, values, and everything else fundamental to your business. Highlights are quite useful for brands with an extensive portfolio since no one has time to scroll through pages to know more about you. With highlights, you offer your viewers important information without them having to search for it extensively.

  1. Countdown

Countdowns create an appeal and a mystery factor that works in your favor if used correctly. Use countdowns to announce new products, giveaways, or any exciting innovation to your followers. With countdowns, you establish a product that is worth the buzz. Greater the anticipation, the greater the response. 

Summing up, it’s time now to leverage the power of Instagram stories for your business. Use these methods and gauge what works best for you. We advise developing a strategy specifically for your Instagram stories. Be proactive and flexible with the plans; modify, experiment, and implement. But stay consistent with the frequency. After all, only consistency can gain results in the digital journey.