October 2, 2022


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How to Simplify Your Health Card Dissemination with QR Codes?

How to Simplify Your Health Card Dissemination with QR Codes?
How to Simplify Your Health Card Dissemination with QR Codes?

With most hospitals and clinics keeping a record of the patients admitted and consulting with them, the health card system is conceptualized. It has been used to easily record and disseminate crucial medical information to patients when having their appointment checkups on their premises. 

And as they widely implement it, the means for simplifying its use and dissemination is something that most hospitals and clinics are having a hard time figuring out. 

Because of that, many doctors, hospitals, and clinics are now checking new ways to innovate how they add information, attach it to their patients’ health cards and turn them into smart ones. 

Through their extensive hunt, they stumble upon the use of QR codes, the 2D barcodes widely used for establishment contact tracing check-ins in 2020.

But as they consider its use, knowing the QR code generator to use and how to create one can be a mind-boggling problem for hospitals and clinics today. 

What is a Smart Health Card?

A smart health card is a paper or digital-based card that holds one person’s health information, such as vaccine history or a list of ailments, or general check-up statements that it fits within the premise. The card attaches a QR code in its layout as a printed or digital gateway for the patient or attending physician to access the data they require when conducting a checkup. 

With most health card information being saved as a PDF file, hospitals and clinics use a PDF QR code  to store their patients’ health information and add it to the card.  

Benefits Of Simplifying Health Card Dissemination Using QR Codes

Hospitals and clinics can get the following benefits when integrating one by using QR codes to simplify most of your health card dissemination. 

1. Convenient

With many doctors and nurses dealing with a number of patients daily, hospitals and clinics need to make a more straightforward gesture for the attending nurses or doctors to pull out their patients’ medical records. 

By using QR codes to streamline your means of disseminating the health cards of your patients, doctors and nurses can conveniently have an easy way to access their patients’ health information. 

2. Cheaper to use and maintain

Unlike other non-contact technologies, QR codes are relatively cheaper to use and maintain. 

3. Compatible with any smartphone devices

As it is cheaper to maintain, integrating its use can let hospitals and clinics save more funds as scanning one does not require a sophisticated QR code scanner to open the data from a 2D barcode. With millions of people having their smartphones at their disposal, hospitals and clinics can use any smartphone device to scan the QR code and check the patient’s health details instantly.

4. Holds Information Safety Functions

Aside from storing digital copies of the patients’ health information, hospitals and clinics can use QR codes as part of information safety protocol with the use of a password-protection feature that most QR code makers have. 

How to embed your health card information into a QR code?

Through a QR code generator with logo software available online, hospitals and clinics can start embedding their clients’ health card information into a QR code and streamline sharing their health card information with these 2D barcodes. 

If a hospital or clinic has an online portal with all the patients’ records and has identified the links that correspond to their patients, they can use the QR code maker’s bulk QR code feature to generate the QR codes per batch. 

1. Browse to a QR code generator with logo software website and sign up for an account. 

2. Go to the Bulk QR tab

3. Select the First Option and Download the CSV template.

4. Fill up the required fields in the CSV file and save it.

5. Upload the file in the first option and select the dynamic QR code option to generate the QR codes

6. Customize the QR code design of the batch you make and download the bulk QR codes. 

7. Unpack the compressed files and individually scan the QR code that matches the cards you create for your patients. 


As more hospitals and clinics are modernizing their services and the way they operate, they make their health card modernizes. 

And with the use of a smart health card to simply their health card updating and distribution process, hospitals and clinics can now have an easier way to fasten their checkup periods and minimize patient wait lines.