November 30, 2022


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How to Choose the Best Cheap Pool Cues

Buying a cheap pool cue is not an easy decision, but there are some things you should consider before you make your purchase. Read PoolCueGuide to learn more about choosing the best cues for your needs and what features to look for. After all, a pool cue can make or break your pool play, and you don’t want to make a mistake! To help you make the best decision, consider the following tips:

Viper Desperado

One of the most important things to consider when buying a new pool cue is the grip material. Fiberglass cues are great for beginners, but they stick to the bridge hand. You can compensate for this by wearing a glove, but they don’t give the same feeling as a wood cue. If you’re looking for a pool cue under $100, you can buy a fiberglass one.

A well-known brand name in pool cues is BCE. BCE cues are made from Grade A North American Ash and feature a protective rubber bumper at the butt. They come in an attractive cream veneer design and are available in a limited range of weights. For a beginner, the Viper Desperado is an excellent choice. Its 13mm Le Pro leather tip provides enhanced accuracy for intermediate players. However, if you’re looking to play competitively, you should go for a higher-end cue.

Players C-960

The Players C-960 is one of the most straightforward but most functional cheap pool cues. With a 58-inch length and a lightweight 21 ounces, this cue is perfect for beginners and intermediate players alike. The pool cue comes in different weights and sizes, and a premium tip will last a lifetime. It is also easy to handle and provides a secure grip.

This entry-level cue is affordable and packed with features ideal for novices and intermediate players. It has a lifetime warranty and is budget-friendly. The Players C-960 is an excellent cue for beginners or intermediate players who want to start playing pool or upgrade their current pool cues. This cue is a perfect choice for less than $125 on the internet. There are plenty of other high-quality pool cues available for less money, but the Players C-960 is excellent.

McDermott G710

The McDermott G710 pool cue features a black urethane forearm, eight Padauk inlays, and an i-2 performance shaft. It also features a McDermott quick-release joint for added comfort and durability. The cue is available for purchase online only. It is manufactured in the United States and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

The McDermott G710 is not the cheapest pool cue on the market, but it comes with a lifetime warranty and an increased sweet spot in the tip. You can also pick up a Viking A831 cue for around the same price, which is similar in quality and construction but does not have the same detail. However, it does feature a ViKORE American Performance Shaft.


Viking engineers created Valhalla cues to combine high-tech performance with killer style. You can customize these cues for your exact specifications, and they can be found anywhere from $70 to $200. The Viking-designed cues are also aimed at younger players, and their Jump/Break cues are a great bargain at $155 to $190. However, they’re not for everyone.

This Valhalla cue has a lifetime warranty and is backed by an extensive line of accessories. This high-tech pool cue is made from hard rock maple, has a premium leather tip, and is covered with Viking’s lifetime warranty. The cue’s shaft is made from North American Maple and features metal threading for a secure lock. The high-impact ferrule is the dream of any pool enthusiast.

Valhalla VA892

The Valhalla VA892 features a custom Triangle solid leather tip made from hand-selected hides. This cue is engineered for exceptional play characteristics and longevity. It also features Tweeten USA’s Viking Interchangeable Weight System, which creates a natural balance point and is stackable. Depending on your style, you can also choose to buy different tips and customize the weight to match your preferences.