Getting Amazon Reviews – Pro Tips

How to Get Reviews on Amazon - 9 Proven Tips

Amazon is a very big online market which means a lot of buyers and a lot of sellers. So what will help you stand out from the rest? Good Amazon reviews. Reviews are a great way for customers looking for products to know which one to choose from the variety.

So one thing you will need to know is how to get amazon reviews. A lot of ways have been published over the years on how to get fast reviews but one thing worth noting is that not all means are allowed.

Most means do not comply with Amazon’s Terms of Service and could therefore result in your Amazon seller’s account being permanently closed. It is therefore important to identify which of these means are allowed and which one’s are not

How To Get Amazon Reviews – Illegally

  1. Paying For Reviews

A major way used by defaulters to get Amazon reviews is by buying them. This can be by offering cash in exchange for reviews or other valuable items. This means could result in your privileges to sell on amazon getting revoked. So it is, therefore, better to opt for the approved methods.

  1. Asking For Reviews From Friends And Family

When you ask your family or friends to give you a review, it is highly probable that they will only give you positive reviews which may not even be true. This essentially means their reviews can not be completely trusted.

  1. Writing Fake Reviews

A seller may be compelled to write themselves a fake review so that they will drive in more customers. They can also write negative reviews to their competitors to drive away their customers and hopefully, those customers will come flooding into their business – which is very unlikely. This method is highly frowned upon and is illegal according to Amazon’s terms of services.

How To Get Amazon Reviews – legally

Utilizing Product Inserts

The use of products inserts is practiced by many sellers on Amazon. This is where you insert a card in the package with a note thanking the customer for choosing your product and asking for a review. ZB blog Amazon assures that using this method can guarantee a rise in reviews and subsequently a rise in customers.

Using The Request Review Button

If you feel confident that a customer was satisfied with your product, you can use Amazon’s request a review button to send a default message to the customer asking for their review. This has proven to be very beneficial since many customers forget to review products on amazon if they are busy or occupied

Use Amazon Vine Program 

The vine program is mostly for beginners who have reviews not exceeding 30. They may have to pay a fee and give at least 30 units of their products to a group of amazon reviewers but as soon as they’ve done that, they will effectively get a review in return.


Getting Amazon reviews is easier if you know how to. Zonbase blog offers extensive methods on how to get reviews and these methods will prove fruitful to your business in the coming days.