November 29, 2022


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Expert Tips To Win Your Camp Lejeune Claim

Taking on a legal claim is not an easy task. The law is complicated, and there is no room for errors. There are tons of paperwork, and putting the wrong information in any of them can ruin your claim entirely. While DIY methods work for some, it is best to hire an attorney to ensure protection and a smooth legal process. 

If you were affected by the Camp Lejeune situation, you might be worried about your rights. Handling a legal case while battling with your own health can be tedious. However, if you still wish to go solo, here are a few expert tips to help you throughout your Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit

Expert tips to win your Camp Lejeune claim 

  1. Hire an experienced attorney. 

While this advice may seem common and basic to you, it is one of the most important ones. It is not every day that you go to court to fight for your rights. You do not have enough experience and knowledge to handle something of this sort, no matter how much you know about the law. 

The best thing you can do for your claim is to hire an attorney. An attorney can make sure you receive the amount you deserve and negotiate a settlement. They can also help you during the most crucial parts, such as the evidence-gathering process. 

  1. Do not lie on your claim. 

If you think lying on your claim will help you receive better compensation, think again. Lying has never done any good, and it will certainly not be helpful in legal claims. The chances are that the truth will come out at some point, making you lose credibility with the court. Remember, be truthful about your health condition and how you acquired it. 

  1. Do not hide your past injuries. 

Many people hide their past injuries on the claim in the fear that the truth might ruin their claim. This is one of the biggest mistakes and can be the reason you receive zero compensation. Just because you already had an illness or injury while you were living at Camp Lejeune does not mean that the toxins cannot aggravate the condition. 

The best way to prove aggravated injuries is to get yourself medically diagnosed. A doctor can help you establish that your condition was worsened due to coming in contact with the water. 

  1. Be calm. 

Last but not least, be calm. While it is easy to lose your patience and panic during the process, it is important to be there for your family in these difficult times. Your family is already suffering mentally, physically, and financially; you do not want to inflict more stress.