Car Lease Maintenance Package: Is it Worth It?

When you take out a car lease, that is a personal contract agreement to hire a car, you have various options and packages to include in your contract agreement, one of these packages is the maintenance package otherwise called the car servicing package. This package option is mostly applicable when taking out a lease of a brand new car, but can be available for model cars as well.

Either leasing or buying a car, there are terms and conditions, packages that come with both decisions. People are often confronted with these two choices, leasing vs. buying a car, both having their pros and cons, but the decision is to be made with the best interest at heart.

The maintenance package available to leased cars is an optional clause, as it is not mandatory, that can be added to the contract agreement when getting a lease. It is like an insurance package that covers the cost of servicing and repairs on the vehicle but not accidental damages. Before agreements are finalized, the maintenance package which is at a fixed cost can be imbibed into the details of the contract and you can opt to pay for it separately or ask that it be worked into your payments.

It is noteworthy that the price of maintenance is reliant on a variety of factors, they include;

1. The car make or model:  

The model of the car you lease would have a considerable impact on the price to be paid for maintenance. Exotic cars with costly spare parts would surely have a higher maintenance cost compared to the common ones.

2. Mileage Contract

Maintenance charges are also dependent on the distance said to be the maximum that can be covered in the mileage contract. The cost of maintenance of a high mileage contract would attract greater wear of the car parts thus a higher maintenance fee compared to that of low mileage.

If you are someone who wouldn’t mind the cost of paying extra to get peace of mind, then the maintenance package would be worthwhile.

Deciding on getting a maintenance deal on a leased car or not might seem to be a difficult task, however, below are highlighted advantages of adding maintenance to a lease car deal which could make adding a car lease maintenance package worth it:

1. The Maintenance package guarantees the peace of mind needed when driving as you do not need to take into consideration how to go about maintenance as it would be taken care of by the company.

2. Should anything go wrong as regards the functionality of the leased car apart from the driver’s mishandling, you are covered by the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Above all, it is important to bear in mind that the price of a maintenance package would be considerably lower than the lease car return charges as that would require the inspector to list all faults and infringements of the contract, then you’ll be given an enormous bill to cover the extra devaluation costs.